Thursday, January 24, 2013

35 Weeks

Well, we made it to 35 weeks! I went back to my Jack files, and it seems like I got the same inkling to start packing the baby's bag during that week too. Annabelle's is completely packed. Like, pick it up and go straight to the hospital packed. Her coming home outfit is sweetly and carefully tucked in, with her shoes and ruffled socks. And some hair accessories, of course.

This week I also worked on my house a bit and may have overdone it putting it all back together after the floor installation. I've been paying the price all week. But I love the floors! My admin also started my maternity leave paperwork, and I've begun turning some things over just in case we have an early bird baby lady. Crazy!

We still have a few things to do to complete her room. I ordered one of those beautiful vine monograms that will need to be painted and hung once it arrives, and I need to find a mirror for over her dresser and a basket or some kind of cute container to keep her diapers, wipes, and other various items at the ready. I have high (probably too high) hopes that most of this will be completed this weekend.

Next week is my first weekly visit with my doctor which means I'll likely know if we've made any progress, if I'm remembering the last go-round correctly. My comfort level is at an all-time low, so I know we're getting close.

But I'm just weeks from seeing my sweet girl for the first time!


  1. I feel like I JUST found out you're pregnant. I can't believe you're already this close!


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