Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Day My Heart Went to "School"

So 2013 is a year of big change at our house, obviously, with our family growing in headcount. It's also a year of big change because our childcare situation has changed too. We've been very, very blessed that God sent Jack a wonderful caregiver that we loved and trusted for the past almost 2 years, but she has some fun and exciting changes in her life as well this year, so Jack needed a new place to be. Change all over the place.

Looking like such a big kid. {Sigh.}

In his faithfulness, the Lord delivered a new situation that is perfect, such that part of the time our sweet boy can attend MDO/pre-school/whateveryoucallit Tuesday and Thursday. It's an environment we're comfortable with and run by people we know and trust.

First day of school pic.
Napmat and lunchbox by the fabulous SheSheMade.

Because he had been sick the first part of last week, Thursday was his first day. We put on his backpack (jackpack), packed his little lunch, and grabbed his nap mat. It was wear grey day, so he wore grey stripes. He really had no idea what was going on, even though we have talked and talked about it.

When I dropped him off, he didn't even look back and went straight to play. I have eyes on the ground there, so I got a few pics sent my way throughout the day of what he was up to. My biggest concern was that he wouldn't stay on his nap during naptime, but in true firstborn fashion, he followed instructions, stayed on his mat, and even took a good nap.

When I got home, he was all smiles all evening, which tells me he had a good day. Our sweet boy is growing up!


  1. He does look like such a big kid! We're starting "school" this week, and I can't believe it. Will be holding my breath all day. :)

    1. I could tell a big difference today in how he acted when I dropped him off at Sunday school and picked him up. Not nearly as emotional (although he didn't cry before - just a bit clingy.) I think it's going to be great for him!

  2. He looks precious!! I'm so glad you feel so comfortable with his caregivers. That is so important. So glad he had a great first day :)

    1. Thank you! :) It makes such a huge difference. I committed it to prayer long before he was born, and God has really blessed us in it!

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