Thursday, January 10, 2013

33 Weeks

The weeks are flying by now, it seems.

I feel like we are more prepared for this kiddo at this time than when we were expecting Jack. I know it's because we already have the gear, we know how to install a car seat, we don't have scheduled classes to learn how to bathe a baby, and we've even lived through that "oh my gosh the contractions are 5 minutes apart grab the bag let's go" moment (and the remaining 17 hrs of labor after that moment.) So I think we're a little more calm than we were two years ago.

I've been going through clothes that my friends have brought to me, laundering them, pressing sweet little smocked dresses, and organizing her room. I was so excited to find that her headboard was delivered today, and tomorrow her dresser is coming. (It's a week late, but still!)

Untitled #12

Just a few of my bag contents.

I have a pile going in a corner of our bedroom of things to pack in my bag. It occurred to me earlier in the week that I not only have Annabelle's and my things to pack -- I'll also have to pack a bag for Jack. That's one more thing to think through, but of course it will all get done.

I haven't mentioned many pregnancy woes on here because I know ladies who have had much worse symptoms than me, but let me tell you that I have heartburn that is like the fire of a thousand suns. It wasn't quite this bad with Jack. I can actually set my watch by when the medicine wears off. I'll be curious to see if she has a lot of hair based on that wives' tale.

Praise be to the Almighty God, the Creator of those who created heartburn medicine.

Amen and amen.


  1. I had ZERO heartburn with James - no hair. I had HORRIBLE heartburn with Will - as in, thought I was dying and carried Tums with me everywhere...even had an EKG because I thought I was really having heart problems...super nauseated from it - Will had a TON of hair. I totally believe it.

    1. How funny that they were both so different! Bless your heart. If I don't catch it early when it's time to take my next pill, my chest really starts hurting. It is so crazy!

  2. Happened here, too. Worst heartburn of all three with Bree and she had a head full of hair. Not much with the bookends...and not much hair. I'm convinced this is an owt that is actually true. I'm so sorry for your pain but I do hope that you have the not-quite-worth-it-but-still-adorable pleasure of clipping a little bow in her hair like right away. Day one. =)

    1. I feel like Jack should have had more hair based on this wives tale. :)

  3. I hadn't had heartburn a single day in my life until I hit the 20 week mark and overnight turned into a fire-breathing dragon lady. I took Prilosec every day AND still ate Tums after most of my meals. I don't know if his hair was as thick as my horrible heartburn would've suggested, but I'm more disappointed to still feel the fire a few days per week. No business!

    1. Noooo! I sure hope this goes away, like, IMMEDIATELY after delivery!

      I remember having to ask for some heartburn meds while I was in labor with Jack. Apparently they weren't in the doctor's typical orders, so the nurse had to get approval. I was like - I have TUMS in my bag, can't you just turn your head?!? :)


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