Friday, January 14, 2011

Week 33

Well, Baby Jack and I have made it through week 33 and an interesting week it was. I'm finding each day a little different than the day before, and I now understand why pregnant ladies waddle (and that's all I'll say about that.) I'm slowing down quite a bit, to the point where I'm considering grabbing my laptop and relocating to an empty cube closer to the ladies' room to save myself some effort. You can call me a wimp. I call me resourceful.

Tuesday night B and I attended an infant care class at the hospital where I'm delivering. We had more fun laughing while we bathed and diapered that giant baby doll. I sent him to pick out our "baby" (there were 3 sizes), and he came back with the biggest. Considering that I'm a bit concerned about how big Jack is going to be at delivery, my eyes got a little wide thinking this might be a standard newborn. Fortunately, the nurse instructor cleared it up: we were practicing on a 3 month old. Thank goodness!

Other than that, we had a good time laughing at the questions people asked (mostly dads.) One in particular that we're still talking about is, "what direction should you wipe the baby's arms during a bath? Shoulder to hand or hand to shoulder?"

And I thought I was detail-oriented.

It was also interesting because the nurse gave us some specifics on how things are done at "our" hospital like what happens to the baby right after delivery (he'll stay close by me) and that his dad will give him his first bath (with a nurse right next to him of course.) In two weeks we go back for a birthing class and tour L&D. Now that should be interesting.

I picked up Jack's baby book this week and began filling it out last night. In a hormonal state, I used an irritating number of exclamation marks in answering most of the questions--to the point that I feel the need to make a note that I am aware of the overuse somewhere in there for my son. I promise, Jack, I am not a valley girl. (But really! We prayed for you! For a long time! God is good!!! His plan is perfect! And you're coming! And! It's all! so! exciting!!!)

This weekend I plan on making big time progress on THE LIST. Carpet cleaning, vacuuming and wiping out my kitchen cabinets (who does that?), organizing the linen closet, and finding a storage solution for Jack's closet are all my targets.

Or who knows, I might put on some yoga pants and lay on the couch all weekend. Either scenario is possible at this point.


  1. where are you guys delivering. Since we're still around, we have to pick a place. ha!

  2. As much as I know you'd rather be closer to family, we're glad you're here!

  3. I lived in FW almost a year, but didn't meet y'all until May. Then I went away for three weeks in July and moved in August. Nuts how concentrated that time was, though! =)

    ALSO, when this little thumbnail showed up on my updated blogs list on the sidebar I thought for a second you had delivered and I was like WOW that is a GIANT preemie.


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