Saturday, January 8, 2011

Week 32

As you can tell, I took a major holiday from the blog over the past few weeks. But now I'm back and actually have quite a bit to share (or not much at all, depending on your taste.)

Thursday was my 32 week check up, and I am measuring exactly 32 weeks. My doc says Jack just needs to hang out for at least a month longer, and then we would begin talking about delivery. What?!? I will now begin working The List with a bit more urgency.

While I'm mentioning my doctor's appointment, I will take the opportunity to give myself a pat on the back. I only gained 3 pounds over the month of December--the Christmas season and New Year's combined. That took a LARGE AMOUNT of self-control. As a whole, so far my weight gain has been textbook for a healthy pregnancy. I know this because my doctor is a stickler for it. I'm sure that the second week of March I will probably appreciate her for that, but for now I will continue to whine about wanting to eat everything in sight, but not do it.

{I celebrated this feat with a #9 combo at Whataburger - sausage taquito and hashbrowns. Just so you know.}

Baby Jack is doing really well--praise the Lord! His heartbeat is great, his kicks are SUPER strong, and he's already head down and feet up. A couple of weeks before Christmas his estimated weight (based on sono) was 3.5 lbs. If he gains half a pound each week from the time of that estimate, it puts him in the high 8's, which is right around what I expected based on our family history. Heaven, help me. I don't know how long he is, but I am convinced that a few days ago he kicked me in the throat.

I have a few pregnancy complaints, but they're minor in comparison to the excitement I'm feeling as we get closer to the finish line of seeing our tiny boy's face. Coming up, we've got baby showers, finishing up his room, birthing and infant care classes, and 3 months of maternity leave. Oh, the blessings--they are many!

Mom friends, I want to hear from you. Do I need anything else for the hospital other than the requisite waterproof mascara (not kidding), hot rollers (also not kidding), hairspray, nightgowns, and slippers?

Please, enlighten me!


  1. Sure! Depends. I know, but they are the best in the first bit. If when you get home you find that cooling/soothing is a needed thing, you can spritz the inside of one with a little water and throw them in the freezer. This is entirely too much graphic detail for a blog comment, I'm sorry. =)

  2. you asked. So I will tell you some things that I brought or wished I had:
    -boppy (or breast feeding pillow)
    - 2 or 3 night gowns (nursing friendly, meaning button up or made for that fun stuff) The night gowns may get "dirty" you'll see what I mean, really soon. joy.
    - nursing bras
    - lanolin
    - phone chargers
    - your preferred pacifier, even if you don't think you'll use it (they'll give you one, but as an SLP I would NOT recommend that hard green soothie)
    - your going home outfit
    - his going home outfit
    - CAMERA (extra batteries or chargers)
    - laptop
    - car seat (duh)
    - tell brad to bring his own pillow, the bed for him is ROUGH

    ok, you can probably guess or have ALREADY figured out the rest of the stuff. My main things I forgot or didn't think about involved breastfeeding. I'm ready this time though. ha!

    I'm looking forward to your shower! :)

  3. i never would have thought about it, but bring baby nail clippers! baby's fingernails are long and he will scratch himself (and our hospital didn't have any for us to use). PJs and clothes, pillow and blanket for Brad. And some snacks and drinks to leave in the car... hospital food = not enough. Pacifiers, if you get one from the hospital they CHARGE an arm and half a leg for it!

  4. If you are going to b.feed...I'd recommend a My Brest Friend nursing pillow instead of a Boppy. With my first child, I took a Boppy with me to the hospital and it was nothing but trouble. When she was 1 week old, I purchased a MBF and that's what I took to the hospital with #2 and it was SO much easier! A few other things: Lansinoh, your own pillow and/or blanket from home, your robe/house slippers if you use them. Bringing the "comforts" from home make being at the hospital a little easier. SO happy for you guys!! Can't wait to see pics of your little guy!

  5. I second Liz's comment. My water broke when I went into labor and the depends were also helpful in making it to the hospital without having to worry about the car seat.

  6. I would take your boppy if you get one. I ended up having my mom bring it to the hospital. Some reason I forgot I would be feeding in the hospital! ;) Also, take some shower shoes. I enjoyed having some of those thick fuzzy socks to wear in bed in addition to slippers that I walked around in. Outfit for Jack, but I'm sure you already have something adorable picked out for him knowing you! Miss you! And hope to see you before your due date!

  7. I am getting SO excited for you!! Everytime we drive by your house I get excited!!

    We just brought Si's going home outfit, but I wished I had other clothes for him to wear during the 3 days at the hospital, so for Drew I took a few cute sleepers, but he was so tiny none of them fit so it didn't matter anyway=)

    You are so beautiful!!!

  8. I'd bring extra snacks for sure, and your own clothes/pjs to wear. And what your friend Lizzie said ;). I think everyone has pretty much covered what I could think of.

    I can't wait to see little Jack. :)


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