Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

ETA: If you're reading this through an RSS reader, I just found this post in draft status and wanted to publish it for posterity's sake. The Christmas mentioned was two months before our sweet Jack was born.

We had a wonderful Christmas with our families. I think part of the fun this year was thinking about what's to come next year since we'll have the first grandkiddo on both Brad's and my side.

Since we've gotten married, we celebrate Christmas with a dinner date and gifts just the two of us a few days before we leave to go to whichever hometown we're scheduled to be in. Even though our little family gift exchanging time will probably shift to Christmas eve or morning once our boy is here (as will our travel schedule), we've decided to keep Christmas date night a tradition for the two of us at least for now. That means this was the last Christmas dinner date without arranging for a babysitter beforehand! So fun. We'll see if this all plays out next year.

The weekend before Christmas we travelled to my hometown and had celebrated with my family.

Great packaging for some great giftcards!
My favorite baby brother.
I got my mom some Tom's for Christmas.
She calls them her magic shoes.
My dad is holding a motorized bird in that box.
Apparently it makes a great hunting decoy,
but I must admit this is beyond my area of expertise.
A little lip color and a nap would go a long way on this 7 months pregnant girl.

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