Sunday, December 5, 2010

Weeks 26 & 27

The weeks are passing so quickly, and all of a sudden according to What to Expect..., we have about 13 weeks until we meet Jack. In the meantime, we have a million things to do before he gets here.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at the farm with my family. I made Pioneer Woman homemade rolls which have twice now been a hit with them. The very last thing any of us wanted to do was get out and shop on Black Friday, so I spent my day shopping online for both Christmas gifts and decor for Jack's room. It's so fun to come home each evening and have Fed Ex and UPS boxes to open!

We got home from Thanksgiving on Saturday night and began trimming our house for Christmas. Brad has lights up on the house (every year he says he's going to put up colored lights, but so far he's stayed the course with the clear--my preference). It took me a little longer to get everything up inside because at this point I am really beginning to slow down.

In other news, work is incredibly busy, I take my glucose test on Wednesday, and we bought our first package of newborn diapers. All of a sudden when I saw 13 weeks on the calendar, I was stricken with the idea that we were completely unprepared to bring the little guy home, so I bought some. I'm sure that's the least of my unpreparedness.

Other than some shortness of breath and/or feeling like I'm going to burst at any moment, I feel great. The signs of the 3rd trimester are upon me, with restless leg stuff and having a hard time getting comfortable at night, but those seem to be minor in the grand scheme of things. God has blessed me so much with something I've wanted for so, so long. He will give me the strength to deal.

We're looking forward to a special Christmas season!


  1. How about some pictures!?? I can't believe you only have 13 weeks to go...exciting!

  2. I will work on getting a pic up. There is definitely some baby going on in my mid-section! :)

  3. have fun with the glucose test! i had gestational diabetes with both pregnancies. the drink is NASTY!

  4. Em- we need to talk soon! Glad to hear you're doing good though, and definitely want to see a baby bump pic!


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