Monday, December 13, 2010

Week 28

I woke up last Friday and rolled over to look at my What to Expect... app (which I do every Friday morning), and it said something like, "Your baby will be here in 11 weeks and 5 days."


And that was three days ago!

So as you can imagine, I have new sense of urgency about having everything in my house done and in order by the time this tiny gentleman makes his appearance. Heaven forbid that on the day he comes home, he notices the dusty baseboards!

Just kidding, I would never have dusty baseboards ;)

So after that little wakeup call, we began a day of errands which all pretty much pertained to our little bundle. We conquered several tasks that were on THE LIST. Brad chauffeured me to Dallas to pick out fabric for his bed. We stopped by Home Depot on the way home and picked out paint for his room which will be painted over our Christmas holiday.

My doctor's visit went great last week. I passed my glucose screening but I'm a little low on iron, so I started a supplement. I read online (so clearly, it must be the gospel truth) that low iron can cause restless leg syndrome which I continue to have, so I'm praying the iron will give me some relief from that. In the meantime, I'm also eating more hamburgers. The doc thinks I am having Braxton-Hicks when I'm on the treadmill--however, she gave me no license to stop getting on said treadmill.

Jack has made his way north into my ribs, and at times I feel like I'm about to burst. I guess that is a normal sensation and unlikely to happen since I have never seen any news reports of bursting pregnant ladies. I'm still completely amazed that there is a person--my Jack--rooting around in there. We're headed in next Friday for another 4D sono. The last one he kept his arm directly over his face, even though we got some sweet pics anyway. He gets that from his dad!


  1. You are truly in countdown land...woohoo! Drew's due date was March 1 (last year) and although it's hard to be in the 3rd trim. during the holidays, it helps it go by fast when you have so much to do for Christmas AND to get ready for the baby! Hope you guys have a great holiday and have fun painting/nesting/etc =)

  2. Dear Mama G

    Update, please?



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