Saturday, November 27, 2010

Week 25

This comes on the heels of a week 24 update that was a few days late. I hope you will forgive my ramblings during these weekly updates, but they have become my journal of sorts during this pregnancy.

I have officially made friends with TUMS this week--they are my constant companion. As a side note, I read a pregnancy style book back before I even looked pregnant, and it recommended buying a big purse to balance out my growing midsection. I think really the best reason for the big purse is that I can carry an over-the-counter pharmacy in there, so at any given time I have almost every pregnancy safe med that a girl could need.

Last Thursday I headed out to a midnight showing of the new Harry Potter movie with Allison and Ashley. The last time I went to a midnight movie showing was the day after I found out that we were expecting (to see Eclipse!) Being out that late back in June required weeks of recovery because late night + first trimester were just too much for this girl. This time was much better although I did head to bed pretty early over the weekend. The movie was SO good, and I want to see it again.

This past weekend was very special as my husband was ordained as a deacon in our church. Our church family, along with our related family, gathered to be part of the ordination, and I am still processing what a humbling and sweet outpouring of love it was to be part of. Our church fam is an encouragement to us in many ways, but especially so since we don't live just right around the corner from our parents.

We also had a portrait session with the lovely and talented Hailey Erickson. They were combined Christmas and maternity (with a little bump!) pictures. I didn't want to wait until I was miserably swollen to take them. We posed in one of my favorite places for part of them. Any guesses?

Bring on the cold weather, a fire, and some good books to finish reading!

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