Saturday, November 13, 2010

Week 23

This past week was pretty eventful in that Baby Jack went to Las Vegas, and his dad put his baby bed together!

Brad got home from a long work trip on Tuesday night (over a week ago.) While he was gone, Jack's crib came in, and being the impatient person that I am, I loaded up in his truck a few weeks ago and picked it up at the store. After unloading it in our garage, I spent the next TWO weeks thinking about how capable I am to put something like that together. But I guess it is a right of passage for a dad to have to figure it out. I sat on the daybed in Jack's room and took pictures and made "suggestions" while Brad constructed it on Wednesday.

Friday I headed out to Vegas for a software conference. I stayed at the MGM Grand and did quite a bit of walking back and forth to the conference center there at the resort. I discovered quickly that the heels I packed were not gonna work and spent the rest of my days in flats. My feet are still recovering today.

On Monday night, I don't know if I'd been on my feet too much that day or what (most of my days are spent at a desk, you see), but I nearly fell out on my colleagues and business associates. We were at a meet and greet at Lagasse's Stadium at the Palazzo, and all of a sudden I started feeling very faint. Someone grabbed me a chair while another told me to put my head between my legs (easier said than done when you have someone the size of youth league football in your midsection.) The entire time I'm imagining them calling an ambulance and otherwise having the situation being blown out of proportion if the pregnant girl passes out. After a few minutes of deep breathing, head down, and a Sprite, I was back to myself enough to grab a cab and head to bed. The next few days I took it much easier.

Other than the one passing spell, I feel great. I am beginning to get a little winded, and to pack my suitcase to come home, I finally had to just get down on my knees because it was too uncomfortable to keep bending over. Maybe one of these days I'll get a pic of my in my current state up on this old blog!

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