Monday, November 22, 2010

Week 24

This week we began getting a little more prepared, or a least organizing ourselves to get prepared for Jack's arrival.

My wonderful aunt has agreed to make his bedding, so I've picked up most of the stuff needed for it. I just need to pick the fabric, and I think we'll be ready to get moving on it. The theme of his room is, I suppose, vintage aviation, but I want it to give off a feel that the world is at his fingertips. That probably sounds weird. Oh well. We've got (what I hope will be) some cool things lined up for it with a lot of love, a bit of family history, the wonder of flight, and a tiny bit of math and science thrown in. This is a room for the son of two engineers, you know. In my head it is a masterpiece perfectly fit for a baby boy who will grow into a curious little boy very quickly. Right now it's a blank canvas. We shall see about the execution!

Last week we also registered at Babies 'R Us. When we got to the intimidating wall 'o bottles, I looked for about 5 minutes and moved on without registering for any. I figure once I decide I can get online and add them. A friend recommended not using Dr. Brown's due to the little filter parts unless he is colicky, and since we will be using bottles exclusively (aka A LOT of washing!) that sounded like excellent advice. For now I am thinking of sticking with plain, EvenFlo glass bottles. I don't like drinking out of plastic myself, so that's why we're considering glass. (Don't you love how I said "I don't like...that's why [we]..." Oh, marriage!)

These did NOT make it on the registry, but they sure made me hungry!

Jack is beginning to kick at night which is keeping me up a little bit. I could take something to knock me out, but I'm on call for work and typically I can't function in the middle of the night if I take what my doc has recommended. I'm beginning to have a couple of the less talked about unglamorous symptoms of pregnancy, but nothing unbearable. This past week I have had a couple of taco emergencies, but nothing that Taco Bell couldn't cure!

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