Friday, February 1, 2013

36 Weeks

I'd love to say that things are starting to progress around here, but they're not! This sweet little lady is doing just fine where she is. Mama, however, has a little bit of elevated blood pressure and some swollen ankles that my doc is keeping a close watch over.

{Side Note: This makes me very thankful for friends who shared their access to Downton Abbey Season 3 last fall while it was airing in the UK so that I'm not watching it on PBS now. Like I needed to see that episode at 36 weeks pregnant!}

This means I'll be resting over the weekend, as much as is possible with a toddler in the house, and Monday I go back in for a BP check and labs. Little sis was an estimated 6.5 lbs at our appointment, so she's on track to be in the 8's like her brother if we go the distance.

I feel fine other than, you know, being 36 weeks tired and large so that's a huge blessing. I told the doc that Annabelle can come {if necessary} any time after noon on February 9. Have I mentioned I'm hosting a wedding shower at my house that morning for my sweet friend? It's going to be beautiful and fun, and I can't wait to post some pics here!

February 9th has been my goal date for a million and one things in my house--namely new floors and finishing Annabelle's room--and I'm right on track to finish it all on schedule. I really love it so far. The few finishing items should be here by next Friday, just in time.

Exciting times ahead!

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