Saturday, February 16, 2013

38 Weeks

Taken by Hailey Erickson Photography back at the beginning of December.

I am pleased to announce that we have made it to 38 weeks! I had a bit of a discouraging check-up this week, but I came home, made myself some mac and cheese, opened some packages that had been delivered that day, and delivered myself a dose of perspective. I'm about to have a baby!

We're both very healthy. My ankles are swelling, without fail, daily, but my blood pressure looks good. With Jack, the second day the swelling didn't subside overnight, I went into labor with him. So rest assured, that is the first thing I check every day.

(I have no idea if there really is any correlation there or not, but I'm 38 weeks pregnant and will grasp at anything that might indicate imminent labor, so there is no need to burst my bubble with proven science!)

As I posted earlier in the week, Annabelle's room is complete, including her back ordered sheets. My new baby bag has arrived, and even a last minute newborn hat I ordered from Etsy came in. We celebrated Valentine's Day as a family of 3 at Joe T. Garcia's. I'm thinking about Easter clothes already. If it weren't in the 30s, I'd probably be out handwashing my car just to keep myself busy.

It's D-Now weekend here, so we're running around helping with that. Today I made a pie, a batch of cookies, and a breakfast casserole to give myself something to do. I'm having some contractions, but nothing regular, and quite a bit of it is back labor. I keep waiting for the very predictable waves of normal front contractions (like I had with Jack) to begin, but if I have learned anything from this pregnancy, it's that no pregnancy is the same!

We'll see how this next week goes!


  1. Thank you! I am just counting down the days now and trying to stay busy all the while. :)


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