Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Lululemon Experience Win

A few weeks ago, I saw where my local Lululemon posted on Facebook requesting people send in photos of how they sweat for a contest. Lululemon has a marketing campaign around the hashtag #thesweatlife, which is basically a reference for incorporating exercise (or sweat) for a healthy lifestyle. The winning photo submission would receive a Lululemon experience.

I thought about it for a split second and decided, "why not?" I figured they would just post the winning photo, and that would be that. I had no idea that they would post them on Facebook for voting. When it popped up in my feed, I weighed whether I should share it (posting anything personal on Facebook is a rarity for me) or just pretend it never happened. If my rear was going to be on the internet with giant stripes across them, I decided I might as well attempt to win. So in a cold sweat, I embarrassingly hit the share button.

I had no idea what a Lululemon experience was, but I was hoping it would include a least a free pair of pants. I practically live in wunder unders most of the week.

yikes! stripes!

The next Saturday morning, Lululemon FW posted that I did, indeed, win. I ran by Sunday afternoon to pick up my prize package which consisted of class passes to some local studios/gyms and a pick of something from the store. I ended up with a great pair of Aggie maroon crops I'd had my eye on. You can't see in the pic, but there are cute textured dots all over them to give 'em a little something extra and a really thick waistband to help a mama out.

Astro Wunder Under crop

Thank you again for voting for me. You're the best!

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