Friday, November 14, 2014

Five on Friday

It's been a far from routine week here at the Gentry Casa. Lots of ups and downs, but today I'm focusing on the ups as I link up with the Good Life Blog.

::1:: First Soccer Season: Success

Our guy did awesome in his first soccer season. No tears, listened to the coach, hustled, stayed with the ball. Last Saturday was his team party. I missed it (and apparently so did a lot of people--only 4 families were there) because I was at our church's Pinterest event, but he received his very first trophy!

::2:: Christmas Shopping

I think this is the earliest I've been this far along on my Christmas shopping. Tonight we have a date night planned to get things done. This will mean that on purpose, we will end up in Target shopping for the children, as we happen to do nearly every date night.

How does this always happen?

::3:: More Shopping

Carter's always has great, durable play clothes, and I'm loving their Christmas/Winter line for boys especially this season. I'm hoping to pick up this shirt for Jack over the weekend. It's a perfect Christmas plaid.

Ripstop and Corduroy Vest $19
Flannel Shirt $12

::4:: Thanksgiving Eats

If you're looking to try some new thanksgiving recipes this year, Fort Worth Moms Blog has a couple of posts this week. I posted a no-pecan pecan pie (great if you have any nut allergies in your fam), and my friend Anna posted a couple of her favorites.

::5:: Donuts

We've kicked off our day with sprinkle donuts. It's going to be a good one! Have a great weekend!

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