Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween Weekending

Friday morning I kicked off Halloween with a 6 am special edition of Pure Barre: Glow in the Dark. I almost slept in, but the prospect of glow in the dark got me up. It was so much fun! Everyone wore white or neon colors, and PB handed out glow necklaces and bracelets. I had vertigo pretty much the entire first 20 minutes of class due to the black lights. #oldladystatus

The kids kicked off their morning with Halloween sprinkle donuts. I mean, why not get the sugar rush started early? They were fresh out of the fryer too. So much for that Pure Barre class.

After really great naps and frito pie for supper (I promise I fed them a healthy lunch as an interlude to the junk), we headed out to trick or treat. Fall weather finally rolled in, so it was slightly cold and a bit windy. And of course, that turned into runny noses the next day. The kids had so much fun though, so they would say it was worth it. Trick or treating really cemented Annabelle's proper usage of "thank you!" She loved keeping up with her brother, and he loved filling up his candy bucket.

We had a lazy morning and headed to our little friend Chara's birthday party that afternoon. She turned one, and her mom had a precious hot air balloon themed party for her. We did a little shopping later that night, which is always a touch and go situation when we're all out shopping together. I'll be telling that story tomorrow.

Sunday we had church and a great afternoon of napping. Time change has seriously messed with the sleep schedule of one little boy residing in this house. He has always been a great sleeper since like, day 5, so I'm a little baffled that this one hour change has thrown him off. I know it'll work itself out eventually. These things always do, however, yesterday he was awake at 5:45 am, and today it was 5:30. That's ANTE MERIDIEM, as in AM.

I should note: I'd given myself off a couple of mornings to sleep in instead of going to Pure Barre as a 20 in 30 reward. Joke's on me.

If you need me, I'll be drinking more diet coke.

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