Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Shopping for Slip-On Sneakers

I briefly glossed over yesterday that we did a little shopping last weekend with the whole fam. I finally had a blow out in the toe of my favorite burlap "Thomases" (what my little guy calls Toms shoes). Besides that, I spend more time than I probably should in leggings since they are the most comfortable for playing with my kids. I keep dressing them down with tennis shoes, but it's easy to create a pulled together look too, with just the right shoe.

Lately there are slip-ons everywhere. From Target, to Gap, to high-end brands. For example, the image below of leggings with slip-ons. Oh that I had looked so effortless, whilst schlepping my toddler through the rain to vote yesterday.

Slip Ons for Moms

Clockwise from top:
Black Quilted || Grey Snake || Leopard || Maroon Sateen || Black Perforated

Vans Metallic Slip-Ons

I ended up with the metallic Vans above. Up until a month ago, if you had told me I would own a pair of Vans ever in my life, I probably would've laughed. Mr. G asked if he could call me Avril.

While I was trying on shoes, one of the kids tripped with a styrofoam cup which fell to the ground and sprung a leak. In a ridiculous turn of events, my first instinct was to kick off the shoes so as not to be confused with a shoplifter and sprint from the store with the leaking cup to the nearest trashcan, minimizing the mess.

Added to my list of humbling motherhood moments is running through the mall in my socks with a leaking Sprite while I blamed myself for being distracted by shiny things. I don't let them walk around with drinks. They have to be kept in the stroller. For this reason!

I apologized profusely and offered to mop the store floor. Then I bought the shoes and left in a hurry.

Shopping with preschoolers is never boring!


  1. Love the new shoes! I would've never thought slip ons would make such a huge come back (were they ever "in" before???), but it sounds like I may have to add a pair to my Christmas wish list!

  2. I remember having a pair of Keds in a similar style in maybe the 2nd grade, but they were hardly sk8r-grl shoes. So far I've worn them every day this week. Great Christmas list item!


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