Monday, November 17, 2014


We had a super laid back and typical cold weather weekend for us. I say typical cold weather weekend in that we didn't go really anywhere as a family other than church on Sunday, ate lots of warm, hearty food (taco soup!), and built a fire in the evening.

Friday night was Parents Night Out at our church (i.e. inexpensive, great childcare), so we took the opportunity to knock out some of our Christmas shopping. For our kids, we do one big Santa gift and a few other small toys, plus some clothes. During PNO, we picked up one of our Santa gifts and nearly all of the smaller toys. We're about 60% done with all of our Christmas shopping.

All day Saturday we pretty much vegged out. Pure Barre, naps, football, and a fire. I did a little solo shopping and snagged Jack a Gap hoodie for 40% off. They're soft, comfy, and durable, so great for busy little guys. I think he's had one in every size so far.

Sunday we headed to church in a misty, cold rain for Sunday school and worship. In January, Mr. G will start another term as a deacon in our church, and one of our friends was ordained as a new deacon, so we went to the ordination service and reception that evening.

(What I mean by "starting another term": deacons in our church serve for 3 years, then have one year off before their next 3 years of service. Mr. G is just finishing his off year. Southern Baptist churches are autonomous, so not all of them have their deacon service organized in this way.)

During last year's snow/ice storm

As I'm writing this, it's snowing outside, and I'm reminded of the last snowy week we spent wrapped up in our house getting ready for Christmas. While this doesn't appear to be nearly the same degree of storm, it's going to be a cold week.

Bundle up, friends!

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  1. I'm so impressed with your Christmas shopping! I have done NONE so far... yikes!

    Also, heartburn... yuck-o. I ran out of Prilosec AND those lovely alka-seltzer chews last night, which means I really really really need to go to the store today. And it's pretty frigid around here snow, but 27 degrees! Brrrr!


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