Friday, October 31, 2014

Five on Friday: The Random Edition

This Friday I'm linking up with the Good Life Blog and the rest of her Five on Friday crew for a list of five things that are on my mind this week. I've got a whole lot of random going on.

::1:: Gilmore Girls
For years I've heard people talk about the Gilmore Girls, a show that originated right smack in the middle of my college years, the year 2000. I didn't watch much TV in college, not to sound like some sanctimonious academic, but just because I was busy with other things which occasionally included studying. Well, they're now on Netflix, so I've been working my way through them. I'm part way through season 2. I feel kinda meh about the whole thing but just cannot avert my eyes. What are you doing to me Gilmore Girls? Sidenote: I only watch when I'm ironing. We currently have a lot of nicely pressed clothes in our closets.

::2:: Kate Spade for Gap Kids
Kate Spade and Gap Kids have a cute collaboration that came out yesterday. I can't justify spending over $100 on a toddler coat, but gosh, that bow is adorable. Some items are already sold out, so shop quickly.

bow dress
bow coat

::3:: Big Little Lies

I flew through Big Little Lies a couple of weeks ago. The Moriarty books I've read so far seem quite a bit like a soap opera, completely with twisted relationships, somewhat outlandish happenings, from the viewpoint of someone in my stage of life: raising kids, some working, some SAH moms. BLL is a comedic thriller, if a book can be such. It held my attention well, and I was captivated to the point of not skipping to the end for a spoiler. (That rarely happens for me.) It reads like a movie, and in fact, Nicole and Reese have optioned the rights.

::4:: Pure Barre OcTUCKber Challenge

I finished the Pure Barre 20 in 30 challenge on Wednesday of this week! I think last year I was done by the 22nd. This year it took until the 29th. I'm still pleased that I got it done and am hoping to keep up the same record for November since the big eating holidays are upon us.

::5:: True Confession

I bought candy to pass out to trick or treaters on Monday during my weekly grocery store trip. I should've waited to buy candy on Thursday night, because that's where I was last night at 9 PM after we finished off Monday's stash. Good thing I've been doing the Pure Barre hustle.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Maybe you'll get lucky and some of that stuff will go clearance at Gap! And, have you watched Downton Abbey? AH-mazing. :) Happy Halloween, friend!

    1. That's what I'm hoping! Oh girl, I love Downton. Can't wait for it to come back on!!!

  2. That's awesome that you did 20 classes in 30 days ..... seriously, good work mama!! Hope y'all had a great Halloween --- I'm sad it's over, but ready to get all this candy out of our house (I plan on taking it to work to fatten everyone else up). ;) ;) Happy Sunday!

    1. We passed everything except what the kids got out to our trick or treaters. Even my favorite stuff. I needed someone to save me from myself!!!

  3. Gilmore Girls is my favorite! It's interesting rewatching as a mom after all these years.

    1. I can see that I probably would’ve liked it more as a college student than I do as a 34-year-old close to Lorelai’s age, with major annoyance at her lack of maturity. I have to keep reminding myself it’s fiction and part of the schtick!

      It’s a cute show. I love Rory!


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