Tuesday, October 21, 2014

State Fair of Texas 2014

A few weeks ago I posted about the State Fair over at Fort Worth Moms Blog, and in doing so, it prompted my husband and I to load up the kids for a mid-week trip.

I didn't grow up going to the fair each year, and who knows if we'll go every year with the kids, but it's fun for now. We went on Wednesday, which was the canned food drive day. With 3 canned goods, you got in for $3 a piece.

The highlight of the trip for Jack was the Children's Barnyard. Annabelle was pretty "meh" about the whole thing. I don't think we'll be signing her up for 4-H anytime soon.

The best part for me was the food. We had the fried gulf shrimp boil along with a Fletcher's corn dog. Our past two visits, we've eaten a funnel cake right before we left for the day. I'm documenting it here for longevity's sake to say that we need to eat that earlier in the day. With the temperatures soaring into the mid-90s, it was too hot at 2 PM to properly enjoy a funnel cake. Speaking of which: Dallas, it's too hot for scarves at the State Fair. You look darling, but your makeup is running. (Mine was also running--even without a scarf!)

So far I haven't brought out my scarves. I'm sweating just thinking about it. Are you an early scarf-wearer?

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  1. I am wearing one today only because it is so cold in the library. It promptly comes off in the car on the way home. (And I still feel a little ridiculous.)


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