Monday, June 4, 2012

Missing that Face.

These two yahoos are probably having a great time together somewhere right now.

Yesterday we went to the annual cemetery association meeting (explained here) in my hometown and dropped off the little man for a week with his grandparents. I know he's having a blast, but I miss him like whoa.

As for us, we'll try and pass the time by working and oh-you-know going to a movie in the middle of the week, eating at reservations-required restaurants, and otherwise crying (me) about how we miss him.

Even that last part's true--that other stuff doesn't compare to my boy. I'm praying for a short week!


  1. Aw, here's to hoping the week passes quickly!

  2. I hope the week flies by, though a mid-week movie sounds kind of fun :)

    1. We didn't even do that back before we had a baby! I feel so rebellious!

  3. grandmother and baby are completely adorable! BUT i cannot tell where the body is that belongs to the feet on the couch and i have to be honest, it's a little freaky. =)

    enjoy your extended date!

    i am VERY MUCH enjoying my superfab present! =)


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