Tuesday, June 3, 2008

First June Weekend

We are home and recovering from a big family weekend. I love big family weekends.

Friday we saw my cousin T graduate, had a big fajita dinner, and cake from Lone Star Bakery. YUM. I'm so excited for him! College is SO FUN.

It was Canton weekend, so of course that's where I was Saturday. (Brad golfed--imagine that.) And it was hot, but not quite as crowded as usual, so that was a bonus. Did I mention it was hot?!? I got some fun things for summer and had a lovely time with my mom, aunts, and Grannie. Oh I wish I could share some of the funny things said this weekend by Grannie. She kills me! It was along the lines of her comments at one of my wedding showers about what flip flops were called back in the day.

Sunday, the cemetery association (where my maternal grandfather's ancestors are buried) met for something like the 72nd annual meeting. It's a small farming community cemetery, and we convene the first weekend in June for a business meeting and lunch on the grounds. Yes, you read that right. We meet at the cemetery to discuss business and eat lunch.

(Apparently this is a small town thing. Until I was about 20, I thought everyone met once at year at the cemetery to discuss business.)

Anyway, after lunch, my cousins, Brad, and I walked through the cemetery with my Pop and he told us about our relatives buried there. My great grandparents and both sets of my great-great-grandparents are buried there too, along with all their kids. I've never been really "into" genealogy, but I have to say, this piqued my interest. One thing I found particularly interesting is that our family land came from an original land grant given to a man who fought in the Texas War for Independence.

Good times, Family!


  1. WOW...some people (ie, me) say they are "from Texas" but man, y'all really mean it!

    and will you please tell me what flip flops used to be called???


  2. Sounds fun and historic! ha ha!! I enjoyed your rsvp call the other day! It was good to say hi and chat for a few minutes!! :)

  3. I love it. I have family buried in a small, rural private ran cemetery down in southeast Texas and we do the same thing.


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