Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Brother!

Twenty-two years ago late in the night, the Lord brought this little dude into my life. That was back before he had freckles. I'll never forget eating Texas-shaped macaroni and cheese for dinner that night, nor will I ever forget the She-ra Princess of Power doll my grandmother bought me while my mother (who wouldn't let me have one since they were boy toys) was in the hospital. By the way, I think that was the summer of jellies.

Saying we have a lot of shared memories is an understatement of course. One in particular for me is when I used to use him as a pillow because he hadn't yet mastered crawling. I like to think I helped accelerate his development for those baby milestones. (He more than made up for that, when I think back to the sick-in-the-camper event.) I'll also never forget our crazy trip to Orlando and a $70 cab ride. What was I thinking?

But, he's all grown up now and about to embark on a new adventure up the road in Denton (closer than ever and I'm excited!) I couldn't ask for a better brother and friend, and I'm very thankful for this day!

Have a happy birthday, Drew!


  1. I can't believe Drew is 22!! Where has time gone?!?! My mom told me yesterday that my great- grandma would have been 108 today! Happy birthday Drew and great-grandma Ella!!

  2. thanks for the birthday wishes


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