Thursday, June 5, 2008


Lately: we've been too busy.

Tonight: time out to watch a movie

Tomorrow: Friday and volunteering at a clothing drive

This weekend: relaxing, having brunch with friends, and playing in the sun.

Random Ponderings Today: How did the term chipotle become so ubiquitous? Should I get a sewing machine?

On the iPod: a throwback, 'The Great Adventure' by SCC and Ryan Cabrera's 'Say'

(20 points if you can name the year (or what grade you were in) when 'The Great Adventure' dropped...)


  1. Defintely 9th grade. That would be 1993 or 1994??? Surely I'm close. I love the intro to that song; I remember listening to it over and over at youth camp! Fun times!

    Yes, get a sewing machine. I turned one down one Christmas and got money instead. Bad decision. It would probably still be sitting in my closet, but now that I don't have one somehow I think I could be the next Martha Stewart if I only had a Bernina.

  2. That's funny because I feel the same perhaps I am a talented seamstress in the making! Nevermind that I've used a machine one time with very little success.

    If my mother is reading this she is probably laughing.

  3. I've had the same thoughts on the chipotle flavor. Why the sudden fascination with this flavor? In the past couple of years it seems almost every restaurant and fast food place has added something chipotle to their menus. Was this some miracle flavor discovered by scientists in a lab somewhere? I'm pretty sure it's been around for thousands of years. We live in a weird society.

  4. I would guess 1993 on the SCC album


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