Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wedding Shower Fun

I'm helping host a wedding shower in early July and what better place than Etsy to look for invitations? A quick search for "custom wedding shower invitations" led me to the above. The bride described her wedding as "vintage, with pops of mustard yellow, sage green, and some pink." I thought this totally fit the bill. And it reminds me of the opening sequence of the Gwyneth Paltrow movie adaptation of Emma by our favorite, Jane Austen, of course.

"Now I need not call you Mr. Knightley. I may call you my Mr. Knightley."


But back to the invitations, the design was done by Yellow Brick Graphics. They have so many beautiful designs to choose from, and Mickenzie was so fast with her responses. When I asked her the best way to have FedEx print these, she e-mailed me back with a pdf that had two invitations per page in place of the original one invitation jpeg. I thought that was so sweet. They were printed on ecru paper and mailed in craft paper envelopes.

I love the way these turned out and can't wait to see how the shower turns out!


  1. As a self-proclaimed paper snob, those are to die for.

    1. When you open that stationery store, I will be buying from you!

  2. You had me at Mr. Knightley - gorgeous! xo, another paper snob ;-)


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