Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Morning Blueberries

We've had a lazy weekend at home, which was great after a couple of busy weeks in a row. I am daydreaming about the sleeping in until 8 AM we did on Saturday morning. It was oh so wonderful. And? AND? I cooked all weekend long. The only meal we ate out was QuikTrip donuts on Saturday morning. I know. We are fancy.

If you have not tried their chocolate donut, then you are missing out. I hope you know that I do not play around about something like donuts. I would put these second only to Round Rock donuts.

Anyway, I came across a couple of blog posts this weekend that I made a mental note to share this morning. Number one, my friend Ashley at Happiness Is... has a great giveaway for personalized kiddo things going on. I'm feeling good about a win here, but if I don't win it, then maybe you should.

The second item is a list of toddler-friendly apps with reviews by a real mom, Kelley at Our Adoption Journey. These were road tested on an 8 hour trip.

And the third and final item for Monday is this recipe for (and I quote) "To Die For Blueberry Muffins" from allrecipes. I didn't name them that, but it's a pretty accurate name.

They have streusel on top. STREUSEL!!!

What are the odds these will last past Tuesday?

And in our latest attempt at training up a child in the way he should go, we let Jack eat some of the leftover streusel.
He was so proud to be eating out of the big bowl with Dad. (OK--mom too.)

That kid. He is too much.

Happy Monday to you!

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