Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Balancing Perspective

Some days I come home at the end of an extra long day, and I look at pictures of this boy. I realize how much I missed him during the day, and I wonder what we would've done that afternoon if I had taken off at lunch to play with him like I had considered.

On the other hand, those same evenings, I think about how blessed I am to have a job that is stimulating, interesting, and also takes great care of my family. I'm accomplishing the things that 21-year-old-not-yet-Mrs.-Gentry set out to accomplish. And that feels really good.

Of course, some of those half day off thoughts do actually convert into half day off realities. Those cheeks don't kiss themselves, now do they?


  1. Jack is SERIOUSLY crazy cute!

    1. You have some cuties yourself, neighbor!!! Thank you!

  2. I totally get the mixed emotions. Right there with you. Some days I wish I had no work worries in the world, others I wonder if I'd be bored to tears without them.

    And Jack? He is seriously the cutest!!


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