Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Enjoy Yellow (and how it came to live on my walls)

I will first and foremost admit that I read quite a few blogs on home improvements and take in several magazines on home decor. I might watch a bit too much HGTV. All of this led to the Mellow Yellow Paintapalooza of '08.

It all started with a simple e-mail on Thursday, the 3rd. Disregard the subject because it is random.

From: Emily Gentry
Sent: Thursday, July 03, 2008 9:52 AM
To: Gentry, Bradley W
Subject: RE: Bicycle

I am bitten by the home improvement bug today.

And from there, I managed to convince my husband that our home would never be perfect unless the guest bedroom were painted a lovely shade of butter yellow.

After paying Will Smith our annual July 4th movie tax, we headed to the Big Orange to discover a paint sale, much to our delight. In no more than 5 minutes, we had picked out The Perfect Yellow for the guest room. It resembled a color straight out of Pottery Barn's summer catalog--just perfect to go with the blue duvet in the front room. And then we began to paint.

Y'all. It was Big Bird Yellow.


It took us a wall and a half of "oh this is cheery" and "oh I bet it will look even better with a second coat" until it finally gave way to "oh no we can't possibly have a room this bright," and "I think the highway department needs their paint back to stripe the roads."

Back to Home Depot we went. After studying the paint swatches quite a bit longer this time, we chose a shade lighter, then thought better of it and chose one TWO shades lighter. It turned out to be exactly what I wanted.

Now that we're on this side of the holiday, and I have to say I learned a whole lot that weekend. Here's what I gained:

1. I enjoy a good home project with my husband. It's fun, and we make a good Team.
2. Move all the furniture out of the room you're painting because it will make life a lot easier in the long run.
3. If you disregard #2, remember where the paint can is when you decide to move a piece of furniture in the room. That was a messy lesson.


  1. Looks great and I love the plates!

  2. i am so wanting to paint our formal living room/front of the house yellow. I was thinking a little darker for our house. But I still I haven't cinvinced Justin yet. Maybe we need a little tour of the Chateau de Gentry to see what it could relly look like. It looks GREAT! When can we book our stay! ha ha!!

  3. I SO enjoy your yellow! The Gentrys are some talented painters I see! Maybe I will have to move onto your street so we could swap houses on Trading Spaces. Not that your house needs it!

  4. love the color. it looks great and i love the plates!


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