Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tupinamba's: A New Aggie Tradition

Last week was a busy week with dinner with friends on Tuesday and our anniversary dinner on Wednesday night, among some other things we had going on.

Tuesday night I met a group of girls at Tupinamba's over in North Dallas. Tupinamba's has somehow become a tradition with a group of us over the past SIX (girls, can you believe that?) years. The location was introduced to us by the Reed's before they moved back to God's Country (Aggieland, of course). We met there as single girls, and then we met there as married girls. And Tuesday, we dwindled down one more as Mikalah and Jarrod prepare to fly south to Austin. We'll miss having them close by, but we'll be going to visit as often as they will let us!

One reason we love Tupi's (other than the delicioso Mexican food and the fantastic company of friends) is that it's an Aggie owned and operated establishment with menu items such as Shelby Metcalf cheese dip, the RC Slocum plate, and the t.u. Special (chicken tacos.) They also have other tasteful Aggie tributes in the dining room, along with other Aggie paraphernalia throughout the restaurant. Such as this:

You would think I would take some sort of group picture, but no. Instead, I have the lovely Laura pointing out the Ladies Room sign. Gig 'em!

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