Sunday, July 6, 2008

Independence Day Weekend

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I just finished up some household tasks that have me ready to face the week. I don't know if you have specific areas of your house that, if clean, make you feel so much better. Mine is for sure the kitchen and the laundry basket. The sink and counter tops are shiny, the pantry and fridge are fully stocked, and as for the laundry, I just have a few more things to hang up, and I'm good to go.

Right now I'm watching Extreme Home Makeover, and they are building a home for a Marine who was permanently injured in Iraq. It is sure to be a tear jerker. I am so thankful to live in a country with such a rich fabric of heroism and service to one another woven into its history.

We did quite a lot this weekend. For one, we painted our guest room. To our past and future guests, your room is now a pleasing shade of yellow. That was Quite.An.Adventure. that I'll save for later this week. Thursday afternoon we started off the weekend with a showing of Hancock. It was pretty good, but beware of bad language. I also went to Canton on July 4th early in the morning with Sherry. We got some great deals and had a great time!

We have the great pleasure of living in a neighborhood with fantastic view of downtown Fort Worth so we sat at the top of the big hill and took in about 3 or 4 fireworks shows across the city like Concerts in the Garden, the Fort Worth Cats game, and some from TCU stadium from what we could tell. It was fun and so nice to stay out of any traffic. That night we ate at Star Cafe in the Stockyards. I think it's our new favorite.

I hope you had a great long weekend! God bless America!

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