Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Life (Or What I'm Up To)

This past weekend:

-Brad's family visited
-Got a pedi in my favorite color, Essie Fiji (Put that on your toes and just try to have a bad day. Not possible.)
-Ate some Fort Worth Favorites: Los Vaqueros, steaks from Roy Pope's, and Black Forest cake from Swiss Pastry
-Discovered Beauty Brands along with their 1-liter sale. Expensive shampoo on the cheap. Good deal.
-Sat inside and soaked up the a/c. Air conditioning is one of God's blessings. Amen?!

I also have a couple of books that people around me have handed me to read. To be quite honest I've had them both for a while, and I can't get motivated to crack the covers. One of them is a bit controversial (The Shack) and the other is a book on grace by the current pastor of First Dallas. I will most likely to read the grace one first. I am dreading reading the other because I think the person who gave it to me said it was One of The Best Books They've Ever Read. I already know that I don't agree with that. I mean, come on, it's not written by Jane Austen. But both of them will probably be a good jumping off point for conversations with those that loaned them to me. So, I guess I should get started.

Now that I have rambled about putting off reading some books, my nail polish, and cake, surely one of these topics has sparked an opinion from you. I want to know: what your favorite nail color is OR whether you've read The Shack and think it's whack (or not) OR you think Swiss Pastry black forest is de-lish OR you agree that Jane Austen is the best OR a Hallelujah for A/C. Thank you Lord!

Hope you're having a good week!


  1. Hallelujah for AC!! And I'm a new Jane Austen fan! The cake is just OK for me. I like the black forest cake with cherries and non-crunchy cake, but the Swiss one is OK. I have a peachy/orange color on my toes that Toni convinced me of and I really like it. I usually go for a coral. Anything I left out? :)Glad your weekend was good!!

  2. Never read the Shack. Haven't heard too much about it (or I have and just can't place it). What does that say about me?! You can update me!!

  3. yeah - me and this gospel choir i hired just for this comment are here to give a big HALLELUJAH AND AMEN to the air conditioning issue. sweet lawda mercy.

    and i don't know that i've ever had the swiss bakery's cake, but, well...cake in any form is a yes for me. straight through to vegas.

  4. Amen to AC and I love JA too.

    ummm I can't believe Elizabeth didn't post her favorite nail polish color...E? When I read this I just knew she would comment with the latest and greatest OPI title...

    my toes are currently sporting a real bright orange. (and that's NOT the official OPI name)

  5. Kylene and Ames, you are on the same polish wavelength!

    Liz my mom delivered me the end of the Aug. 1980, and I still never hear the end of how hot it was. Hang in there girl!


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