Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summer Nights

Someone in my house is very into Black Gold on truTV. They are following two teams of roughnecks out in West Texas who are in a race to strike oil. We are cracking up at some of their "he's one of these kind of kids whose been to college so he thinks he's smart. He scored 800 to a million on his SAT so he's real smart. So he doesn't think he needs to listen..." There's one kid called Peanut who looks about 12. Anyway, if you haven't caught it, it might be worth setting your tivo for a rainy day.

So, what random summer shows can you not get enough of while you're soaking up the air conditioning (or waiting for The Office to come back)?


  1. Wipeout is great summer television.

  2. Wipeout on ABC . . . absolutely hilarious!

  3. I keep missing Wipeout! I need to se thte DVR to record it. We also recorded Baby Borrowers, so I'm interested to see that too!

  4. Wipeout...Baby Borrowers?!? 48 Hours Mystery is where it's at.


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