Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Short History of Carmex and Me

Carmex was a staple in my house growing up (and still is), but I didn't like sticking my finger in the little pot. I also didn't like getting glue on my fingers in elementary school. (Actually--let's be real--I still don't like getting grossness on my fingers, but that is another post for another day.)

Next came the squeeze tube. It was too gooey. And the taste--no way! Then along came the click stick. I personally feel that it was a huge step forward for Carmex, except now the taste was waxier than before. Then they added a cherry flavor to the line up. Cough syrup, yuck. Well, finally, the makers of Carmex have gotten it right with new strawberry flavored Carmex in the stick form. It is perfection in a medicated lip balm that is almost as good as Lipsmacker. You heard it here.

Find it in the pharmacy of your local discount superstore.

(If I have already told you about strawberry Carmex in person, thanks for listening again. Can you tell I ♥ strawberry Carmex?)


  1. I used to be a fan of the carmex in a squeeze tube, until I took it on the pheasant hunting trip. I wouldn't say it froze, but the cold weather made it nearly impossible to squeeze it out. So now I go with the click stick too, but I try to stay away from girl-ified flavors.

  2. I know you are down with the mint...and sad that I missed the cold weather carmex event/black ice trauma/people snoring loudly debacle of '06!!!


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