Monday, September 9, 2013

Mama Monday: Scheduling Your (Food) Week

I mentioned in my last Mama Monday that I was attempting to meal plan and would report back if it worked or drop the subject entirely if it didn't. Well I'm pleased to report that it actually did work. It kept me on track with my grocery list-making, shopping, and otherwise with our healthy eating goals for the week.

And then I totally dropped the ball for the next two weeks. These things ebb and flow, and I'm certainly not one to get down on myself for something as flexible as deciding what the fam will eat for supper each night.

We've been busy having friends and family for supper and otherwise socializing. But not this week! This week I'm back at the plan. Here we go:

Monday: Homemade pancakes with scrambled eggs and fruit.
Tuesday: Baked chicken, potatoes, and a green vegetable.
Wednesday: Chick-fil-a
Thursday: Either a freezer meal or we may have friends over.
Friday: Leftovers, out to eat, or a chicken and rice skillet standby.

Side note: We love a good breakfast for dinner, but I refuse to call it brinner. That makes me think of something like spaghetti mashed into an omelet, which is digusting.

Also, here's the chicken and dressing recipe I mentioned last time. It's delicious and great as a freezer meal. I cut down the amount of chicken stock it called for because I like my dressing a little dry.

Have a happy week!

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