Friday, September 6, 2013

Five on Friday - Volume 4

It's a quiet nap time at my house after a busy, fun morning filled with friends. I should be cleaning my house for visitors this weekend, so why not sit down and blog instead?

ONE. This was Jack's first week back at school. He did awesome! When we got to the door of his classroom and dropped off his bag and nap mat under his name, there were kids crying. I stayed for a couple of minutes to take some pics of him by his name, and as I was leaving he started looking apprehensive. I whispered in his ear, "This is nothing to cry about. You're going to have a fun day!" About that time, his teacher told him they would be going out to the playground. That was all he needed. He didn't look back as he walked in the door. I was so proud!

(I'm pretending like it was my pep talk that made all the difference.)

TWO. I don't know why I ever stray. Plain ol' regular M&Ms are my favorite candy. I decided this after my family finished off a two pound bag this week that was leftover from a party with our 12th grade Sunday school class. Needless to say, I'll be counting my WW points next week.

THREE. If you are a lover of Lululemon, they have some ridiculously cute things online right now. We're talking ruffles here, ladies. I bought these wunder unders. I'm a shorty, but they weren't too long. This is my mom uniform for fall.

FOUR. Tonight we're taking Jack to his first high school football game. We'll see how that goes. I may be walking under the bleachers with him the whole time. Aledo versus Stephenville. That's a big game in this part of Texas.

FIVE. We actually just got back from the Doc McStuffins Doc Mobile. It was a nightmare. First and foremost, it's 100 degrees in Texas, and this was an outdoor event from 10-4 which was not under a shaded area save for a few tents, like the kind you would use at a tailgate party. Secondly, strollers were not allowed in, so I attempted to wrangle a two year old while holding a baby, not in the shade, in 100 degree heat. Now doesn't that sound like a beautiful morning?

On a day in October or even an overcast day, this would have been a great event. Seriously, it was super cute.

After we got our Doc swag, we went inside the museum and played in the AC instead!

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