Monday, September 30, 2013

Perhaps I Should Put on Some Makeup

Today is one of those stay at home mom days I had hoped to somehow avoid once I actually became an SAHM. I went to my usual 6 AM Pure Barre class, am still in those clothes, have on no makeup, and my hair is in the same bun I threw it in around 5:40 AM. It was bound to happen eventually. We have, however, been to HEB, done some laundry, eaten lunch, done some laundry, and played. It's been a productive day, but the race will be on this afternoon to make myself pretty before my husband arrives home from work.

But for now, I blog.

I had a really wonderful weekend. It started out at Pure Barre (which always makes me feel good), progressed to breakfast on the back porch, and moved on to a facial and other upkeep at a local day spa. The facial was a birthday gift from my best friend. Along with the gift certificate, she included in her birthday card a schedule of dates when she was available to keep my kids so that I could go enjoy said facial. Because she is that thoughtful and genius all the time. I wish I could always be as thoughtful as she is!

I got to catch up with my sweet friend, attend the Pure Barre grand opening party (I spend a lot of time there, don't I?), head out to the national launch party for Dr. Smith's diaper ointment at the Ritz-Carlton in Dallas, come home, watch it rain, eat pizza, go to church, play with 12th graders and preschoolers, eat more pizza, and wish I hadn't eaten so much pizza.

From my instagram feed, it would also appear that I ate a lot of branded cookies. I do not regret those at all.

Have a great Monday!

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