Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Weekending with my Little Aggies

This past weekend was fairly busy. Everyone (except Annabelle and therefore me) crashed out during nap time today. Saturday we had friends over for the first Aggie football game so we indulged in plenty of football food and yelling at the tv. Just as a Saturday in Texas should be spent.

We will not discuss Johnny Football here today. Although I did enjoy this article on Outkick the Coverage on why your opinion on Johnny says more about you than him.

That's enough about that. Sunday was full with church and an all-day event with our 12th graders. They're an awesome group of kids who no doubt will do big things in the future. I know this because they are already doing big things now! Last night we had Brad's parents over for dinner. Fajitas, my fave. I have had a lot of guacamole this weekend, but the avocados are so delicious right now. You need some!

Today my oldest starts back to preschool. He has sweet teachers, and I know he'll have a good year. The question is what will Annabelle and I do with ourselves? Because we are not sitting home and doing housework!

Have a great first day of your week, wherever that may be!

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