Monday, August 12, 2013

Mama Monday: Weekend Review and a Meal Plan

What a weekend, what a weekend.

My poor little guy ran fever both Saturday and Sunday. We had an event to be at on Saturday afternoon, so I was very thankful I had lined up my mom and dad to drive up and keep the kids. According to Jack, he and my mom are like "peas and carrots" (carrots sounds more like curr-ets) so he was fine (possibly happy) when we left. Unless some miracle happened over night, I'll probably be trying to get an appointment with the pedi this morning. I wonder how many calls they field like mine on Monday mornings?

This week I've actually decided to come up with a meal plan. I always have tons of groceries in the house, but sometimes I forget what I've bought so it seems like we have nothing to eat. Am I the only one this happens to? Very similar to opening my closet and having nothing to wear. This week, I'm making a plan and sticking to it.

Monday: Chicken fajitas (pre-marinated and packaged by HEB) with Spanish rice
Tuesday: Foil packet baked tilapia (seasoned with lemon and salt) with steamed veggies
Wednesday: Let's face it, we're going to eat Chick fil a at least one night this week. A preschooler lives here.
Thursday: Chicken and dressing with a side of fresh cooked green beans
Friday: Family in town. I predict Joe T. Garcia's.

Weekends are a wildcard. Usually frozen things and chicken for Sunday lunch. Always chicken for Sunday lunch.

If I do well staying with this plan, I'll let you know. If I don't ever mention it again, then I think we know how that turned out!


  1. I vote you post these recipes (specifically the chicken and dressing!). Sorry Jack isn't feeling well. Maybe it will be a short lived illness!

  2. Good luck! We've been working all year at meal planning and haven't been super successful yet. (That is our own fault--nothing against the idea of meal planning.) Fingers crossed that we'll do better this fall.


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