Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Aftermath of Planking

Y'all, I've been consistently nailing my 90 second forearm plank at Pure Barre. The days that I don't hit it, I know I'm just wimping out at this point. It was a goal I set for myself, and it feels good to hit it.

There are, however, some unexpected consequences of forearm planking--specifically, dried out forearms or for me, right around the elbow. As I was pondering this situation, I remembered a purchase I made back while I was pregnant. I had some pre-delivery maintenance done over at Bliss Dallas (a spa) in the W and decided to treat myself with some product purchases after it was over. Why not?

Found at Sephora or the always free shipping Nordstrom. Don't ever change, Nordstrom!

I dug this fabulous Bliss lemon+sage Body scrub out of the depths of my cabinets and slathered it on my elbows. It's creamy and refreshing and exfoliates very well. If you love the smell of lemon, you would love the Bliss line of bath products.

I'm pleased to say it has negated my forearm plank issue, and it's left me with absolutely no excuses to not make it the entire 90 seconds!

What bath product are you loving right now?


  1. Congrats on those planks! I am so bad at them. This is inspiring me to stick with it! The shower products at Flywheel in Dallas are all lemon sage, so it is an extra incentive to go in early and shower there for me.

    1. That has quickly become one of my favorite scents! Light and not overly-perfumy. Just perfect.

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