Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Working Mama Updates

I made it through my late night just fine. I actually came in on Friday to find that my husband had read this post and had done all laundry, except mine. What a great thing! That man, he is smart. He shrunk one sweater of mine when we first got married and learned not to touch my clothes. I'm a-okay with this. Anyway, it freed me up to take care of other things. Like forgetting Easter baskets before egg hunts.

Mr. G had to work late last night, which gave me some great one on one time with my boy. We ran to the mall for a few things and ate at Chick Fil A in the food court. He decided it was more fun to eat with his feet propped up on the table, so that was a constant, um, disagreement between the two of us. He would prop them up and smile so adorably at me, at which point I corrected and re-directed. Multiple times.

I seriously better finish that Dobson Bringing Up Boys and quick.


  1. Emily- I read that book before Grant was born and thought it was great! It is one I will have to read again when he hits the teen years!


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