Monday, April 2, 2012

Baby's First Easter Egg Hunt

Clockwise from top left:
A sweet buddy helps Jack out by gathering a few eggs, with Granddaddy,
Mom & Dad guiding the Easter egg hunter, throwing eggs from the basket
to the ground (bonus points for those that broke open).

Of course, in usual form, I didn't stop to get a good picture of my little family together at the Easter egg hunt. I always forget to take a picture of the three of us. (See: baby's first birthday.)

{I'm not irritated at all. Can you tell?!?}

Our church's Easter egg hunt was at a park near our house, and some of our neighborhood buddies joined us. I got cute pictures of some little boys that will likely grow up together. I think I've mentioned it before, but within a 2 house radius of ours, there are 3 other little boys Jack's age. Fun, right?

My parents came in Friday night and treated us to supper and went with us to the hunt. About the time we pulled into the parking lot, I realized I forgot Jack's Easter basket. Awesome. But I did have towels to wipe the wet grass off of our feet because I had noticed how dewy the ground was. How did I forget the basket?!? Thankfully, we were 5 minutes from the house and only 1 minute late for the hunt. (And in the toddler section the eggs weren't snatched up all that quickly.)

In other weekend news, the baby began demonstrating his use of the word "no."

Night-night time!

Come to mama!
No. (as he crawls to mama)

Want a cookie?
No. (as he opens his mouth for a bite.)

Now I know that when he gets really defiant and yells no at us, it won't be all that funny. But for now, we have to turn away to keep from laughing. That boy is something else.


  1. so cute! i love his little shirt :)
    and the "no" stage is such a fun one...until they reach 2.5 and scream it at you in public (not that that has ever happened to me or anything - hahaha!)

  2. Cute! And, so far, there has only been ONE picture of the three of us. It was taken at the baby dedication, so I hope we can get a copy! It is irritating!

  3. Adorable! We got one of us at our hunt but it is BLURRY! AHHHHH!

  4. Listening to them at this age trying to be assertive is very funny and so very cute!!
    Lovely pics from his first Easter :) He must be a similiar age to my little man...
    I am your newest follower, have a great day!!


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