Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mid-Week Supper

Monday and Tuesday were fairly busy days at work since I was out unexpectedly the end of the prior week. It goes without saying that there is no where else I would've been but home with my sick boy, but that doesn't eliminate the catch up this week.

As such, when I came in this evening (an hour and a half late,) I pulled out one of our "emergency" freezer meals. We love this Bird's Eye skillet meal. Just add half a cup of water and heat. The nutritional value is pretty good too, and it's even little man approved.

And of course, the little man was right in under me when I came in the door, playing in his very own drawer of plastic containers. The way it should be.


  1. We love this one too. :) Glad your little man is feeling much better. Good luck with the catch up!

  2. LOVE those frozen emergency meals. I've actually tried to even copy them - just cook a bunch of stuff on a weekend, throw them in a zip lock bag and voila! ps- Peanut is always playing with Tupperware by my feet while I cook.

  3. We love those! I give Jason the chicken, and he lets me have the broccoli.

  4. Thanks for your nice note, re: my Easter Basket link up (that went kerplunk) : )

    Glad your little guy is better!


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