Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Why Kiawah Island?

This will be the last of my vacation slide show. Although I have tons more pics, I'll spare you. (Jack on the plane on vacation! Jack playing with toys on vacation! Jack eating food on vacation!))

So my husband loves golf. Watching it, playing it, shopping for it, researching it, loves it. And the Kiawah Island Ocean Course happens to be the site of the PGA Championship in August 2012, so when our friends invited us along, he/we jumped at it. (Me? I just like to go anywhere.)

That is the ocean in the background--hence "The Ocean Course." I love these people!

The last day we were there, the gentlemen played The Ocean Course. After breakfast, we headed over there with the babies to check out the clubhouse and do a little shopping ourselves. The clubhouse was this beautiful traditional southern building with wide porches, rocking chairs, and of course, a haint blue ceiling. I'm disappointed I didn't take a better picture of it. They have just finished a little clean up in preparation for the tournament. It was really pretty!

On the practice green just off of the wide back porch.

I love dropping random sports knowledge into conversations that make Mr. G and the guys I work with think I know what's going on. Also, this trivia knowledge comes in handy when one is playing a game like Battle of the Sexes. So now ladies, when your man turns on the PGA Championship, you can say, "Oh yeah, they're playing the Ocean course this week."

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  1. Hi! So I'm having fun reading older posts on your adorable blog, and this one caught my eye. I ran the Kiawah Island Marathon a few years ago and fell in love with that place! We stayed at The Sanctuary and it was amazing. I know y'all had a wonderful trip!


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