Wednesday, November 2, 2011

So there I was, leaving the baby for the first time to watch the Rangers lose the World Series.

My dad texted me around noon last Tuesday, asking me what the odds were we could fly standby from Dallas to St. Louis to watch the Rangers win Game 6. First I laughed and ignored his text message. Then I actually looked up the flights and was all, "You're not going without me!"

Unfortunately, my man had other commitments, but my brother was available to go too. And then my mom (a 1st grade teacher) was all, "The three of you aren't going without me!"

About 5 hours lapsed from decision time to go time. I left the office, ran home and packed a bag, ran across the street and smooched on my baby, then ran by Academy to buy some blue Ranger gear. We wanted to stand out in that sea of Cardinals Red. Back to Dallas I went.

Fountain dyed red to support the home team.

We took the Company Plane up north and waited out the rain delay. (There wasn't much rain to speak of.) During the delay, we shopped, ate, and did a little exploring in STL. My dad complained that I wanted to go to the mall on rain out night, but while we were there, we ran into this guy, and I do believe we were outside of Sephora. This is the most terrible pic of me to date, but it was Elvis Andrus, only hours before the Rangers lost the World Series.

So, so disappointing.

(As is my new habit to repeat the word 'so' twice, as if the first time it wasn't a sincere 'so.')

Some notes on STL:
  • We did not go up in the Arch while we were there.
  • We did eat Imo's Pizza, and it was good.
  • We also ate crepes at a place called Rooster, which I recommend.
  • We stayed at the airport Hilton, which I also recommend.
  • We took the MetroLink the entire time, rather than renting a car.
  • I paid $10 for hot chocolate during the game. It was worth it.
  • They have a beautiful new Nordstrom in their Galleria.
  • Drew had something else going on Thursday night and didn't get to stay for the game. Boo.
  • I would go back to STL for a long weekend and do more exploring, but I think it would need to include a sporting event to have enough to do.

It was the trip of a lifetime! As we got down to one strike left (twice), I will never forget how the cameras starting flashing all around the stadium, just like you've seen before on TV. I'm so glad I got to experience it with my dad, the one who taught me to love baseball and love the Rangers. More than anything, it was incredibly gratifying the entire week to see him having so much fun.

And one of these days, the Rangers are going to win it.

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