Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Baby's First Halloween

My tiny man on our front porch hamming it up, sans mustache.
What are the odds that I will remember to take a picture of him in
the same place next year?

I found his costume on a Mexican import website. Who knew they made toddler panchos and sombreros? B grabbed a mustache on his way home from work last Friday before our church's Fall Festival (and the Rangers final meltdown of the year.) It only seemed natural to stick it on his favorite paci, and shockingly, he had no problem with either it or the sombrero on his head.

We had such a fun Halloween! This was the first time we've actually stayed in our home of 4 years and passed out candy to the neighborhood kids. I know, I know, but in our defense, it's because we usually were either out of town or with friends.

We had my BFF/college roommate (hi Alisia!) and her friend Brian over for supper, which ended up being Frito pie and chili dogs. Halloween seems like a Frito pie holiday, does it not? My mom informs me that I feel this way because she always fed us that before we went out trick or treating when we were little. Funny how things like that influence in adulthood.

Anyway! I had so much fun handing out candy. Jack fell asleep super early in Alisia's arms and not even the doorbell could wake him up. Some of the cutest kids and very few of questionable age to be trick or treating. How old is too old to do that anyway? And how young is old enough? Even if the boy is old enough to eat candy next year, obviously he doesn't need a whole bag of candy otherwise it will be clear that he's shilling for mommy's chocolate fix.

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