Sunday, November 27, 2011

Giving Thanks

Our Thanksgiving was just lovely. We ran down to my hometown for the holiday. It is wonderful to be so close! Everyone was kind of in and out throughout the weekend going to jobs, in-laws, football games, hunting, shopping, etc. I love my family. I am so, so thankful for each and every one of them. God has been so gracious to me in the area of family. Having one that plays well together and argues well together (because there is a right way and a wrong way, you know) is a blessing that is often overlooked. This year I was especially thankful for our sweet boy. He is just the best!

I made a chocolate pie for Thanksgiving, then left it at our house because Thanksgiving morning was a bit chaotic*. I made the Pioneer Woman's rolls for Thanksgiving lunch at my Grannie's. I promise you that Homesick Texan's Grandma's chocolate pie tastes just like my Meemaw's chocolate pie (which I don't have the recipe written down.) I mean, maybe our grandmothers were cousins and learned from the same grandma. It's that similar.

{Doubtful, but really close anyway.}

On Thanksgiving Day, Jack, Sugar, and Grannie (his great-grandma) fed the cows hamburger buns.
If I were a cow, I would be totally offended.


I have several hairstyles pinned on Pinterest
, but all of them require my mama to make them happen. I can't French braid my own hair in less than 3 hours. So I asked and begged and pleaded that she watch YouTube videos and put my hair up. She gave in pretty easily. This was my favorite. Yay, Mom!

Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

*I can't pack as quickly with a tiny man scooting about. We left 30 minutes late, and my hair was NOT done. We will not even discuss the smoke billowing through my parents' house as the rolls burned while I did my hair after we arrived. Being on vacation has knocked me off my game.


  1. Aww, thanks. I wish I could re-create it myself, but it's all my mom's handiwork!


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