Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mom and Dad Fly the Coop

Before we celebrated Thanksgiving, Mr. G and I headed off to the great Southwest for a long weekend with 2 other couples from our church, the Brantleys and the Cooks, to celebrate Chris's 30th birthday. It was the first time we left our little guy overnight for more than 24 hours and further than 60 miles away. Also, I'm a Very Nervous Flier which will go down as one of the greatest ironies of my life. I never let it stop me from going anywhere though.

{Said, with my feet firmly on the ground.}

Anywho, we arrived in ABQ Thursday evening and made the short drive into Santa Fe under the cover of darkness. There was a little movie premiere that night (Breaking Dawn, what of it?) which we bought tickets for um, like a month ago. Not gonna let a trip get in our way of seeing it! So after the boys were safely at the house, we headed into Santa Fe. The movie was gory, much more so than it played out in my head while reading the book.

Dinner at Tortilla Flats.
Check out those sopapillas.

Ignore those girls texting.

I did a lot of sleeping, reading (The Hunger Games), and Twilight movie watching, since it was on every station. It was so nice to sleep in! Sleep is so wonderful! I love sleep! Day 2 found us at Ten Thousand Waves, a spa built into a mountain (that is, after we saw Breaking Dawn for the second time. Oh yes, we did.) Let me tell you, it was faaaaaaabulous. One of my treatments was a head and neck massage where they treated my hair with this lavender hot oil conditioner. My hair was softer than it's ever been once I washed it out. By the time we left, I could've melted from the relaxation.

Official book of Santa Fe Trip 2011.

Another day we shopped around the square at Santa Fe. There is so much more to offer than just southwestern jewelry and Indian blankets. (My original expectations, my bad.) I found some cute Christmas decor at Doodlets, which is just across the way from the very delicious Cafe Pasqual's, and a fun toy for the boy at a toy store just around the corner. There's even a J.Crew.

So there were a few Southwestern artifacts, such as this shrine to the Gloved One.

By the third day, Mr. G and I were straight up missing our little guy. He's just so much fun right now. He has this hilarious little opinion about everything. I hope I never stop thinking it's funny. (Feel free to laugh at my naivete. I do.) My mom told me he was saying "mama" while we were gone, but he has yet to say it to my face, so I'm not too convinced.

We stayed in a great house (found here) just outside of town, with heated floors (come to mama!), and lots of comfy couches and chairs to nap or read in. The gentlemen golfed, and we all met up to eat out a lot, laugh a lot, and just relax. So refreshing--exactly what a getaway should be.

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