Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Best of Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale

Nine West Nobelman
Most comfy heel ever.

I've jetted off to beautiful Orlando, FL for my very fabulous job, however I would not know if Orlando was beautiful this trip or not since I've been locked away in conference sessions.

The past few months have seen me investing mostly in comfortable, flat mom shoes. As I've become more confident in my role as outside-of-the-home-working-mother (or whatever such label-nonsense society might place on me) the height of my heel has gone up. I'm figuring out that I can slip into flats on the way to get my baby or into heels as I climb back into my corporate role.

This heel height discovery might be symbolic in some way to my self-discovery and what not, etc., but really this post was to tell you about the fabulous heels above. They are my conference footwear of choice this week, currently on sale at Nordstrom. The wide but not clunky heel provides comfort, and the height provides some sassiness. The loafer style with tassels are completely in step with this year's runway obsession of men's-styled wear. I've been wearing them 3 full days with no terrible foot pain. The pic above is a little deceiving as the heel height is 3 1/4 in.

In short, I highly recommend.

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