Sunday, May 31, 2009


We took the party south to Austin this weekend to visit my dear college friend Mikalah and her man Jarrod. It was our first trip to see them since they moved, and what a great visit we had!

Saturday morning we headed out to Mt. Bonnell, which boasts some of the most stunning vistas of the Hill Country. We climbed around there for a bit and checked out the views.
The Gaithers
You can see the 360 bridge in the background.

The next item on the agenda was something I was absolutely terrified of, but strangely looking forward to...


I haven't ridden a bicycle since the summer before 8th grade. Recovering from when the Grand Trophy (my bike) bucked me required two knee surgeries and MONTHS of physical therapy for me to be able to walk correctly again. You can see that me and bike riding have some issues to work out.

Here I am working on my confidence...
Stopping for a breather at Town Lake.
I had 15 miles to work out my bicycle issues!
Stopping for another breather--SNOWCONES!

So I conquered two fears this weekend...
1. Fear of riding a bike.
2. Fear of looking geeky in a bicycle helmet. (What can I say--I'm a girl.)

More tomorrow on our super relaxing weekend!


  1. Glad y'all had fun! We need to get together soon and have some fun!

  2. Wow, can't believe you got back on a bike! I'm proud! You know, I remember those surgery and full leg cast days too; that was a long time to carry around two sets of school books all those days!

  3. HAHA. You are and were a good friend!

    Now I am reminded of all those mornings in your dad's shop before school--that was ages ago.


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