Monday, May 11, 2009

Country Road, Take Me Home

This weekend we set out to visit both sides of the family for Mother's Day weekend. It is amazing to me how varied the landscape is around the great state of Texas. It's always a treat to travel the back roads in deep East Tex.

I don't have any pics of our visit with Brad's family. We spent most of the day at the hospital with his mom. She and his grandparents have all been in ill health, but we are happy to report the are for the most part on the mend at this time. We were able to see all four of his grandparents while we were there.

Saturday night we headed towards Corsicana to be home for Mother's Day. We decided to go to church with my grandparents Sunday morning at the rural church where my grandfather pastors. And can I just tell you how tickled I was to get to sing out of these? It was a delight!

From there, we headed down to Sam's in Fairfield to give the moms a break from cooking Sunday lunch. We did some standing around waiting on a table for a party of 18. (Brother & Cousins)


Some were back at the buffet when I took this one.

We ♥ Sam's!

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  1. That first picture looks like it could be a postcard :) I'm impressed with your skills!


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